Bespoke artwork can dramatically alter an environment to create character and ambiance, leaving a lasting impression upon customers.


I work very closely with clients to help them achieve exactly what they want. From an initial brief I will research an array of ideas to come up with a range of possibilities to find the one which will best enhance and realise your vision.

I provide detailed design documents throughout the design process to provide as clear a picture as possible of the end product.

Commercial projects can provide challenges, as the demands of every client is different, but when the right solution is found the end result is deeply satisfying for both the client and myself.


Headed by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, the Viking pub and bakehouse opened in West Kirby, Wirral in June 2016

The team wanted to reflect the natural world of the vikings by bringing local wildlife into the pub. A large project, consisting of 3 canvases and 8 murals, I've worked closely with them to research local animals and identify the best location for each.

The murals were produced onsite whilst the pub was open, and the feedback from local customers was extremely positive and warming.


I produced 2 large scale murals for Auger to create some very unique and striking spaces in their brand new offices.


First was a 10 meter long corridor leading to meeting rooms with toilets, a shower room and a storage room at the end. Second was a 6.7 x 3 metre blank wall in a 'Games Room' for staff and guests.

The two pieces are polar opposites in style but the variety creates a very powerful and impressive effect, both through scale and subject matter. The hallway is very calming and relaxing, whilst the games room is lively, bright and uplifting.


Jamie Carragher Retirement Portrait

In 2013 I painted a portrait for Jamie Carragher's 23 foundation charity as part of the celebrations surrounding his retirement from Liverpool football club.

The photo is of (right to left) Jamie Carragher, Mike Lepic from 23 Foundation, and then Liverpool Manager Brendan Rogers, with the painting (signed by Liverpool team mates and staff).

Jami Carrgher Retirment Painting with Brendan Rogers

LP Strength Academy

LP Strength Academy in Wallasey provide 1-to-1 training and asked me to do a total of 3 murals to inspire their clients and brighten the gym.

First I was tasked with painting an Olympic lifting Ironman; as in the Marvel superhero not the strongman competition!

Alongside Ironman is She-Hulk, a strong female figure to inspire the many female clients they have.

Finally I was asked to paint a custom version of their logo, which I decided to embellish with a lively paint splatter style to contrast with the Marvel comic book characters.

LP Strength Academy paint splatter logo mural, wallasey

Sound Basement

I was asked to produce an energetic graffiti mural for popular Liverpool bar 'Sound' in their new basement bar. The new space is a bar and music venue, with the aim to create a small make shift and exciting  underground bar.

The design came together quickly and I was left to let go and do what I want.

Sound Basement Graffiti mural liverpool bar

In 2008 my brother and I were comissioned to produce a series of large striking paintings for Vodka Revolution bars in London and Cardiff.

The style was inspired by 17th Century Dutch-realist paintings, with dark, atmospheric still-lifes lit by candle-light.

Both were oil paintings of at last 2 meters in height or width, and each was designed specifically for that bar and location. The London Ledenhall bar is a converted old bank, the photo for the painting was taken in the old vaults on the draw of a safety-deposit box.


Chester GiANTS

To celebrate the Royal wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 my brother and I were commissioned to created giant heads for 'Chester the GiANT City', a community project based in Chester.


The heads were 5ft tall and modeled in clay. From the clay models we created molds and cast out light-weight versions of the heads in fiber-glass resin, then painted. Other artists and community groups created clothing for the Royal giants, who were featured in local newspapers as well as promotional material for Britain's Got Talent.

Giant sculptures of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Tallulas Wine Bar

Tallulas bar and nightclub in New Brighton, Wirral, was themed with a French Moroccan boudoir style.

In 2008 my brother and I completed 3 large scale oil paintings of pin-up girls, complementing the nightclubs unique style and burlesque nights. Unfortunately the bar closed in 2012.






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Jamie Carragher presented with his retirement painting by Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers