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Joe Forrest Giclee Prints for sale, David Bowie, Paul Weller, John Lennon, Prince (musician), Liver Buildings, Liverpool, Albert Dock, A4, A3 papers

Prints For SALE

Commercial Artist,
Murals & Portraits

High Quality, Bespoke Artwork

Hi! My name is Joe Forrest, I'm a Fine Artist with almost 20 years experience in a wide range of artistic styles and techniques.


Based in New Brighton on the Wirral, UK. I create high quality custom artwork for homes and businesses.

Each piece is unique, whether it's wall art, a portrait, street art mural, signage/lettering, landscapes or more, I strive to craft work that is personal, captivating and beautiful.

Artist Joe Forrest stood next to his colourful paint splash mural of The UTS gym logo on shutter doors

Hand Painted Murals

Wall Art to make an Impact

I love to transform spaces and bring people's imaginations to life with unique wall art, both inside and outside the home, and for businesses.

From landscapes, portraits and abstract forms to graffiti tags, logos and sign writing, I use a wide range of styles and techniques to produce murals.


Whether creating an atmosphere for clients to your business, a magical space for your children, or a relaxing or exciting feature for your kitchen, my hand crafted walls are painted with much love, care and attention to detail.

Logo wall 04-2.jpg
African themed babies nursey with elephants, lion and giraffes

Commercial Artist

Whether it's an office, restaurant, gym or pub, powerful and striking artwork not only has a huge impact on your customers, but also  your staff.

I work closely with businesses to design spaces that effortlessly combine branding and ethos with colour schemes, furniture, fixtures and overall interior design scheme to create rooms with high-end quality and unique atmosphere.

Clients include:

Oh Polly - Hooters Liverpool - Vodka Revolution - Jamie Carragher's 23 Foundation

Personalised Portraits

Custom portraits of loved ones, furry and not!

Whether a pencil portrait, or a painted canvas, a great portrait captures the unique traits of those you love.

People say the eyes of my portraits have so much life, but to me they're just one of the many details, large and small, that all need to be captured.


I work from photographs to capture the details that matter most, often combining elements from multiple pictures to create pieces that are more than just a plain copy.

Family Portraits

Bespoke 'Pop-Art' Style Painting of a young woman with blonde hair

Pet Portraits

Pencil pet portrait of dexter the boxer dog

Celebrity Portraits

Pallet  (6)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Whether you've commissioned me or not I'd love to hear from you.

The fact you've stopped and taken the time to say 'Hi' means so much to me!

Your recommendations

really help clients learn more about me.

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