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Large Pop Art mural in a grid format with multiple images in a collage format

Wall Art

Over the past decade street art and murals have blossomed everywhere, taking centre stage in cities, towns and villages around the world. Evolving way past the old stigma of graffiti and vandalism, murals and street art are now one of the primary ways to bring the soul of area back to life in an increasingly factory built modern world.

Murals are an instant way to add stories, colour, beauty, style, atmosphere and life to a premises, where every piece is bespoke and hand made.

Murals make an Impact

Big artworks make a big impact. Where a canvas or picture frame hangs on a wall, a mural becomes part of the room or itself changing the entire energy and atmosphere of a space. 

Whether it's a bold display of colour and abstract shapes, or scenes and images to compliment a location, hand-painted murals create one-of-a-kind environments where you express yourself.

Before and After comparisson picture of a room featuring a full sized Pop Art style wall mural
Africa themed children's nursery complete with large wall mural painting off Elephants in the savannah

In a home it's a bold statement of a person's or families personality, but in a restaurant, bar, office or on the street they become powerful communicators telling a story, setting a scene and crafting an environment that customers, clients and staff can enjoy.

Mural Ideas and Styles

Viking _ Grey Heron mural_edited.jpg


Landscapes, animals, foliage and fauna sunsets, cities, portraits

Deli 08_edited.jpg


Shapes, lines, brush strokes, dots, textures, drips, scrapes and scratches

DSC_0002 (2)_edited.jpg


Pop Art, Cartoon, Line art, Impressionist, Modern, Street Art, Minimalist, Abstract

Painted mural with text saying 'Own your own Health' made with vinyl stencil lettering on a colourful paint splash background

Lettering & Logos

Hand-painted or vinyl stencil lettering, logos or phrases

Mixed media mural with a photograph of a Malasyian woman in a rice field

Murals & Artwork

Murals and artwork are a powerful way for businesses to bring their story and branding to life in a way they hadn't previously thought of that engages customers, relaxes staff and stands out from competitors.

As a skilled mural artist I work very closely with clients to help them bring something unique to life that marries the atmosphere they want to create with their branding in ways they perhaps hadn't imagined.


From an initial brief and meeting I research an array of different ideas and styles to present a variety of possible directions that we could take to find the style that best suits your needs.

Throughout, I provide detailed design documents full of references and mock-up images to communicate as clear a picture as possible of what end product could be and how it will affect your premises.

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