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Orders & Enquiries

People often have ideas I would have never thought of myself so I don't like to limit you with a list of fixed styles and prices.


My preference is to hear what you have in mind (big or small) and together we find a size, style and medium that fits your vision, from portraits to murals & commercial art

1: What artwork do you want?

First of all, what artwork would you like: a portrait of pets, family members or a celebrity; a large decorative mural; a crazy 1 metre clock made of barbie dolls [yes, I've made that for someone!]

Even if you only have a very vague idea of something it's my job to make suggestions and help bring it to life.

2: What is your budget?

Once I have an idea of how much you're planning to spend, just a ball-park figure of your budget, I will offer you various options and price points for you to choose which suits you best.

My prices are based on how long a piece takes me to complete, so once I know a rough budget I can see how much time I can dedicate to crafting your artwork from start to finish.

Please see my 'Price Guide' page for guidance on what I offer. [Coming Soon]

3: When do you need it?

People often want artwork for a specific date like a birthday, wedding or Christmas, so providing this on time is very important. For this I recommend ordering up to 3 months in advance, especially on the run-up to Christmas.


I do keep some flexibility in my diary, so if you need something on a short time scale I may be able to re-arrange my schedule - though this may include an additional fee depending upon any existing commitments.

4: contact me with your idea

When you are ready please contact me however suits you; whether a quick message or phone call, or an email with extra information and any reference photos.

Throughout our discussions I aim to provide plenty of advice and information so you get exactly what you want or better.

5: Booking & Completion

Once we've agreed the details of the artwork and the price I will ask for a deposit of 40% to officially book you into my diary. Once booked in I will contact when I'm about to start the project and keep you up to date with progress throughout. 

When complete I will send a photo for you to check and if you're happy the piece will be posted or ready for collection when the final balance has been settled.

Get in touch

Thanks for your enquiry!

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