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Auger House: Hallway

2016-17: 10 meter corridor & 4 doors

Wallasey Village, Wallasey, UK

I was asked to decorate a 10 metre corridor in the Auger House offices before it opened in 2017. he clients asked for some local influences, but also something a bit fun and quirky for the toilets and doors at the end of the corridor, something that leads people down the hallway and has a bit of a journey.

I decided to reference both Liverpool and New Brighton, choosing a unique angle of the Liver Buildings that includes the modern Mann Island. To offset the pure black colour of Mann Island I decided to add some abstract colours to match it's abstract shape, using blue and yellow as reflections of the sky and sun.

The corridor transforms into a nature scene with animals identifying each room, a Fox for Ladies toilets, Badger for the Gents, a Cormorant in the rain for the shower room and a hoarding Magpie for the storeroom.

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