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IPS: International Pheromone Systems

2022: 2 Murals

Neston, UK

IPS create systems for agricultural pest control and wanted an 'artists impression' of how moths and insects are drawn to their plumes of pheromones. The trail was to start at the bottom of the staircase in the offices, leading upstairs and along the corridor towards the main laboratory.

Using a 'pointillist' technique of building a picture through thousands of coloured dots to represent the pheromones, I built up the swirls and flows of trails with a variety of different techniques, using colour and abstract shapes to construct a flow of particles that built up from faint pastel marks at the bottom of the staircase to a grand mass of colour building towards the lab.

The total mural feels like you are walking through the plume with an insects perspective, drawing you up along 3 separate walls spanning over 20 square metres of hand painted wall.

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